Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PEARLS and their care!

As many of you know... I love pearls!
Some of my very favorite and most precious jewelry items are pearls that have been given to me by my wonderful husband, or pearls that I have inherited from my mother and grand mother.

I love working with pearls and incorporating them in my jewelry designs. For this reason I thought that it would be good to give you a bit of info on how to care for them.

While they will last for generations it is important to take care with them and inspect them for problems. Just as you would have other jewelry inspected occasionally for wear, have your pearls looked at too.

Pearls are more fragile than most other gemstones, so you should handle them carefully to keep them safe from scratches.

Here are a few tips on caring for your pearls
  • put your pearls on after you have applied make-up and perfume.
  • You can clean your pearls with a soft, lint free cloth before and after wearing
  • If you want you can dampen the cloth. Allow the pearls to air dry before storing them in a soft container or bag that allows them to breath.
  • Take off all pearl jewelry before bathing. And, gemstone jewelry too. Shower and bath soaps are too harsh for pearls.
  • You can clean pearls with a mild soap and water solution (Ivory).
  • Never use solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents.
  • Pearls can not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Rubbing pearls with abrasive cleaners or clothes can wear away the nacre coating.
  • You can actually remove the coating of the pearl.
  • Don't store your pearls with other jewelry. They can be scratched when metal or gemstones rub against them. Keep them in a soft bag made from chamois or another soft fabric.
  • Restring your favorite pearl necklaces and bracelets periodically so that you're sure the silk or nylon cord holding them is in good shape.
  • If you notice any problems with the clasp, cord or extra slack in the piece stop wearing it and have it checked out for problems.
  • Last, but not least... Wear your pearls! Take them out and give them some air and attention.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Atlanta Fall Showcase!

Atlanta area locals... if you happen to live in the Atlanta area or plan to visit during the weekend of October 4, 2008, please stop by for the First Annual Hand Crafted Fall Showcase.

A group of local Atlanta Etsy artist will be having a private backyard show. It will be like going to your own personal art festival.

Fall Showcase Featured Artists Include:

Vessels And Wares, Inkspot Workshop, The Funky Shack, Jess Gonacha, Easy Edges, Istanbul Designs , Repaper, Luxe Design Workshop.

We are planning on a beautiful fall day and would love for you to join us.

If you would like to stop by, just send me an email and I will give you directions. Thanks and feel free to spread the word.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We took off a few days and drove up to North Carolina. The weather was great and it was really nice to get away from the Atlanta heat.

First night we stayed in Asheville and visited some gallery's and a couple of pubs. The next morning we got up early and headed up to Mt Mitchell. The weather was foggy and raining, but from past experience I know that is to be expected! We set up camp and setteled in...

Woke up in the night and went out... the sky was clear and the stars were amazing! We had perfect conditions for the next three days.

Sunday afternoon it started fogging up again the wind changed direction and started to blow and our extra layers of clothing started piling on! The rain came and it poured all night long. If you have never been to Mt Mitchell I can tell you that when the wind decideds to blow ... it is all that you can hear! The side of the tent snapped and blew in all night long. It was great!

I have never been a fan of packing up wet gear, but it was well worth it!