Sunday, January 16, 2011

RAW52.2 ... Week two!

Ring a Week part 2!

Part of my interest in joining the RAW group is to use the challenge to explore new ideas.
  This week is dedicated to the adjustable 

 I love making rings, but I do not like sizing them...
As a solution to this I have been sketching up ideas for rings that are slightly adjustable.

I have sketched several different styles, but most designs focus on a band that splits and wraps around itself.

This first try features a hand cut and formed flower with tendrils.

If you would like to see all of the other fun rings...

click here...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RAW... Ring A Week!

Last year a Ring A Day challenge began on the first of January. 
I was interested, but knew that I could never keep up...
I did check in on all of the fun creations that came out of it.

This year a new challenge has begun, 
a little more suitable for someone like myself,
who is not a full time jewelry artist.
The new challenge is to create one ring a week!
The group is open to all and is very supportive.
If you would like to check in and see what 
artist are creating...
just click!
Here is my first ring... 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a brand new year!

Resolutions...  did you make any?
This new year I have simplified my expectations to just
a couple of lifestyle changes...

Our house has been pretty empty for the past few years
with our children away at school.
This January we have a new roommate...  
she is 23 (as of the 6th) and has her eyes on travel and adventure!  
This new year brings us together again and together we will settle into a new rhythm...

Resolution #1...
Try to be respectful and listen more carefully...
This past year was an incredible growing experience for my metalworking passions...
Along the way I had become a bit too committed to my "studio" time
and found that some of the more mundane domestic responsibilities
were falling short on the "accomplished" list...

Resolution #2... 
Work studio time in around household responsibilities...
 My brain is exploding with ideas for this new year!  
Santa was nice enough to put a couple of new toys under my tree and I am looking forward 
to getting to know them and see how they will change my work...
Additionally, I purchased a bunch of fabulous hand dyed silk ribbons last year
and my mind is working away at finding ways to add them to 
add a new texture and splash of color!

Not really a resolution, just a additional incentive to be playful...
I hope that any and all who read over this post, enjoy a new year that is filled 
with the love of family and friends,
good health
and financial security...

May the Joy's of the World be with you in 2011!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Just a little peek of winter in a small town in Iowa.

This picture was taken the day after Christmas.  We woke to the blanket of freezing frost!  
It turned the town into an ethereal wonderland.
What a magical view to see on our last morning in Iowa!