Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am on fire now!

After months of working with a small hand torch I came to the point were it was time to go for the big flame and get an oxy/propane torch! I had requested it for Christmas and was researching torch setups when I saw a friend at a gallery show I was in. After checking out my new work he asked about what type of torch I was using. I told him my setup and he mentioned that he had a torch setup that had been his dads, that I could have...
It arrived with the handle and various tips, plus the regulators for the tanks. It is a beautiful set. I would guess it to be from the fifty's. It has a lovely patina. It still took a bit of time to get the hose, tanks and odds and ends together, but finally it is up and running!
I do feel special working with this setup. Not sure how his dad used the torch, but now it is making jewelry, firing enamels and soldering silver and copper! I have always been attracted to used tools... the stories they must have... the ways that they have been abused, and cared for... I can tell that this torch was cared for by its former owner and now by me too!

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