Monday, October 25, 2010

100 years and counting......

This year we are celebrating our homes 100th year!  Built in 1910, she has survived the changes of the times.
This was one of the first homes built in the neighborhood.  At the time this was a new and "segregated" development with a trolley running down the street... one of the new homes with electric lighting.  Today the neighborhood is diverse and thriving with shops, restaurants and bistros within an easy walk.
She survived the depression of '29 and was divided into apartments in the forty's after the war ended and the soldiers returned home. The area took a downturn in the seventy's when the Marta rail was developed.  Speculators wanted to reinvent the area with apartments and condos, Properties were purchased and the homes were allowed to fall into disrepair...  

We purchased this home in "96.  Moved in just before Halloween, exhausted and aching, we sat down at the end of the day and watched game 6, the Atlanta Braves vs the New York Yankees in the world series...  

In this home, we have raised our children into adults, celebrated successes and endured the loss of loved ones. All in a nurturing atmosphere that somehow seems to come from the house itself.

Over the years we have made a few improvements and tried to keep the beast of age from overtaking her, this home has nurtured our family for the last fourteen years.  

This week we finished the last area that had not been restored... The stairway!  We stripped layers of paint away and revealed the hardwood floors and hand rails, bring back the original beauty of the area as it was designed.

Now, as I look around... other areas of the house are ready for new paint and floor refinishing........ 'D

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