Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning to enamel with Linda Darty's new book!

I just read "The Art of Enameling" by Linda Darty and it was GREAT! I have been wanting to explore some enameling in my metal designs and heard about her book. I was told that the book's photo gallery was reason enough to purchase it.... So true, beautiful work, incredible photos and close attention to the details as she explains different techniques and processes.

As a beginner I like to explore many different techniques and let my knowledge of a given subject guide me in future efforts. Linda explains the different processes in a easy to understand fashion and completely covered my initial interest.... torch firing, small kilns and incorporating precious metal clay with enamels, as well as plant a seed to move onto more complex projects.

So far I have just experimented with small kiln projects. Learning how thick to apply enamel to provide an even coat and figuring out how to get the powder to adhere to surfaces. I ordered a sample box of enamels from Thompson Enamels and I must admit that I am as fascinated as I am overwhelmed by all of the different color choices! My attempts are still in an infantile stage, but I am having a great time experimenting.

If you are familiar with enameling and would like to offer suggestions on technique or materials... Please feel free to add your knowledge. I would enjoy learning more about what products you use to adhere the enamel powder as well as tricks that you have learned.

I dedicated a full day to reading the book initially and have gone back several times to study a process more fully. I can tell that this book will get a great deal of use over time and would recommend it to anyone who loves enamel work and would like to learn more about it.


Lynne Glazzard said...

I love that book too

Peg said...

I am looking forward to spending a bit more time playing with the enamels. She offers lots of info!