Saturday, April 11, 2009

My day job...

I just thought that I would post a blog about my "official" job... For the past 18 years I have been a freelance food stylist in the Atlanta area. I love what I do and often find that people are curious about the details of such an unusual vocation.

I had never heard the term "food stylist" until I happened to meet a food stylist at a wedding many years ago... I was immediately curious and excited! It was not until years later (after my son was born) that I had the opportunity to begin working with her and learning more about the field.

People ask me how did I get started? It was just luck! The seed was planted at that wedding years before and I stayed in touch with that stylist. It just happened that she needed an assistant at a time when I could jump in.

Things were so different then... Camera's that shot film... It took 90 seconds each time a Polaroid was taken to access the shot! That seemed like eternity when you had food drying up on the set! There was no healing brush on a computer to remove pins or toothpicks that were used as support in a shot... If you did not hide them... it was big trouble! In addition to digital cameras and Photoshop the food itself has changed so much!

Today we have what seems like an unlimited supply of beautiful produce. It is really annoying when a client wants peaches and there are none available... anywhere in the world! We are so spoiled...

My style today is looser and more about appetite appeal than it was back in the 90's when clients were looking for a more controlled "perfect" image. Digital photography allows us to get a shot while the food is still really fresh and not worry as much about the little pins and such that can be removed with the press of a button.

I feel like a very fortunate person to have landed such an unusual and fun job. When I talk to young people I tell them to think outside the box and not just focus on jobs that are the most common. There are lots of great jobs out there that we don't even know exist! Explore!

I am including a few images that I styled a couple of years ago. These are images from a really fun job that focused on bread. The Photographer is Carlos Garcia of Garcia Studios Inc.


Janice said...

How cool! I saw a FOOD Network food stylist challenge/contest one time - very interesting. :)

Your photos look awesome. Making me hungry!!

June Shin said...

How cool! My husband is a food blogger and amateur food photographer, so I try to help a bit by being his assistant food stylist. But it does seem like a fascinating, fun job.

JoolzGirl said...

Wow, that is an amazing and very cool job :)

Anonymous said...

I too think it is a fun job!
You are blessed to have 2 best jobs!;)