Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Summer!

We have enjoyed a beautiful summer (so far) in Atlanta. Spring was cooler than usual and summer has followed it's lead. Unlike the last couple of years, this one has provided lots of rain showers and the garden looks very happy. That is to say except for the weeds who seem to enjoy the abundant rain too!

This year must be a big cicada year... I have seen a few laying around, their little lives all done. It has been to warm to open the windows lately but I am sure that the noise is impressive. It makes me glad to not be driving at dusk in the thick of cicada season... Been there!

In addition to the cicada there are all of those other insects that make me want to stay inside during the hot months. I'm sure there was a master plan involving the need for all of these annoying bugs, but really... some of them must have been a mistake! For now I go out with bug spray and off coils lighting my way.

I hope that the rest of you are having a great summer filled with fireflies, flowers and summer showers!

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ragcontent said...

I lived for a year in Florida, and remember those bugs! ugh!