Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching up and some NEW designs!

Spring has been a busy time for me and while I have a virtual stream of ideas running through my head... I have not been able to actually create as much as I would like. I have several things started and "in process" in addition to working on production pieces and I have continued to study form-folding and manipulation techniques on copper and silver. At this time I am finishing a class on texture and stone setting skills.

I did get off to Franklin N.C. to the wholesale gem show and picked up some fabulous South Sea pearls... which I have had a burning desire to dive into!

Despite the slow economy people are still calling me and my food styling business has been steady.
I manage to keep semi-regular studio hours and overall life has been very good!


Destiny's Creations said...

Hi :)

I just found you via trunkt. I am also there. I know what you mean about having all of these ideas and little time to complete all of them, but I do LOVE your ruffled earrings! Those are gorgeous.

Kalicat said...
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Kalicat said...

Last time I was interested in a South sea pearls strand, they were $7,200 wholesale... LOL
I hope you had a better deal