Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Camping adventures in the RAIN!

I would not call it a total WASH OUT, but the weather did not give us many breaks on our weekend away camping! As carefully as I studied the radar and local some point I just make a leap of faith and pack up and hit the road!

Don't get me wrong... I'm no passy pants! A good storm is always an adventure and in the North Georgia mountains a daily shower is to be expected. It's the non-stop drizzle and unending drip that can get me down. I just want the sun to shine enough to take a few good pics.

No doubt there is talent and perseverance involved in making a wet trip a success! Luckily I am married to the guy who is prepared for every weather event known to man... We have figured out that if you can stay warm and dry... even in a driving rain... you can have a good time!

We are very organized and set up with precision, Tent and canopy before the first celebratory cocktail! Rain does not wait... The tent is always sealed against leaks... we have a great lightweight canopy that has served us well for years... we carry extra small tarps to setup over the fire (just in case)... and rope of all sizes... you never know!

Even though our weekend was wetter than expected we had a lot of fun, friends came and visited knowing that it was likely that our time would be huddled around a picnic table... We did get a break and get to go off for a short hike, and I took a few pics.

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